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I am a researcher working in the field of environmental and agricultural economics at the University of Warsaw. Below please find select areas of my research.

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I’m a research assistant and Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Microeconomics, University of Warsaw. My research concerns preferences for public goods and pro-social behaviours using experimental methods. I’m interested in understanding how to structure incentive programs and provision of information to promote desirable behaviour change, particularly in the context of environmental protection.

The focus of my dissertation is on causal relation between communication of varying social norms (so called norm nudges) and consumers’ environmental choices. More recently, I became interested in the problem of air pollution. I investigate questions about social and behavioural processes that lead to air pollution, as well as how the problem shall be communicated to reduce its human, non-industrial sources. 

Since 2014 I have been working in projects examining individual decision making towards environmental goods, also taking assistant positions in Horizon2020 grants and working for research groups such as Group for Research in Applied Economics (GRAPE). I lead the NCN grant on causal relation between communication of social norms and consumers’ environmental choices. I’m the University of Warsaw leader for economic analyses within the Virtual Air Pollution Experience research project ( In 2020, I received Rector's Award for scientific publication and research achievements (in category of young scientists under the age of 35).

My work is in the domain of environmental economics, behavioural and applied microeconomics. I have undertaken assistant positions in environmental, agricultural and cultural economics’ projects. The common denominator in all was examination of behavioural factors and various solutions to social challenges.

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